Helpful Caregiving Websites

These sites/resources are intended to be a helpful resource and a beginning point for answers to questions about care giving.  I will update and add too as I find more sites/resources that I think might be helpful (and as time allows).

Hope you find the information helpful!

Caregivers – for, about & by caregivers; information & support about caregiving issues; tips from caregivers; nutrition, recipes, tips on getting care recipient to eat; links; dates of conferences around the US; submit your stories & ask other caregivers for wisdom / suggestions; and more. – Are you taking care of a loved one, locally or long-distance, who is advanced in age, disabled or chronically ill?  Then YOU are a family CAREGIVER in addition to being a spouse, relative or friend!  It is important for all family caregivers to identify themselves as such because many useful resources exist to assist them in their caregiving.  (So when you see “tools & resources for caregivers,” you will know they are for you!)  While you may not need the help today, you eventually will.  It has nothing to do with the caregiver’s abilites and everything to do with the nature of the role.  Caregiving is best carried out with a care team that you assemble, comprised of your medical professionals, family and friends.  Together, you can carry out all of the tasks that are needed without the primary caregiver reaching the point of exhaustion or falling ill.  Take advantage of the assistance that these and other websites provide.  (Do explore, too!)  You will be a stronger and healthier caregiver!

VA Caregiver Support – – caregiver support, services, home equipment & modifications, tips & national support line for those caring for a veteran; veteran benefits & services, vocational rehab & employment, healthcare info, suicide prevention, burials & memorials, and more.

Eldercare Locator – – services for older adults and their families; search for them by zip code or by category – Alzheimer’s, caregiver, elder abuse prevention, in-home services, legal assistance, transportation, volunteerism, and more.

National Association of Area Agencies on Aging – – services for older adults including health & wellness, caregiver support, area resources, care coordination for recovery from a hospital stay, benefits counseling on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Supplement Insurance, volunteer opportunities and more. – information on health issues such as MS, epilepsy, sleep problems; “Steps & Stages” provides expert guidance and community support for Alzheimer’s caregivers; forums for caregivers; blogs; financial matters such as estate planning, guardianship, paying for care, power of attorney; in-home care & senior living topics; well-organized sections; caregiver wellness, and more.

National Alliance for Caregiving – – message board for questions & answers; caregiver signs of stress & what to do about them; policy & law; the healthcare maze; practical advice on managing caregiving; respite, support, literature, websites; and more.

Lotsa Helping Hands – – organize helpers & volunteers through a private web-based service; coordinate daily tasks with family, friends, neighbors such as transportation to medical appointments, coverage; share medical information securely with designated family members; sections for well-wishing, blog, journal, photos; caregiver can post requests for help for helpers to fill – no overlaps; more. – CaringBridge transforms your personal connections into support when you need it most. By creating a free CaringBridge website, people in a time of need can share updates, photos and videos, connecting with friends and family who care and want to help.

GiveForward – create a page to support a friend or family member by raising funds for medical expenses online.  Promote your page through email or Facebook.  Friends and family can donate securely online until the end date of your fundraiser.  The beneficiary will receive a check for the amount raised – minus the website’s 7% fee.

My Personal Health Records – – lets you create & maintain your health information or that of a loved one, which can be shared with doctors, caregivers, family, or others involved in providing medical care.

American Academy of Home Care Medicine – –

For every elderly person in a nursing home, there are three more people equally fragile and infirm living at home. Home health has become the fastest-growing segment of Medicare’s budget.

But few physicians in this generation have been educated through medical school or continuing education to provide the kind and level of care which could be made available; few have been educated to provide home health agencies with support as medical directors; fewer still have learned the advanced team techniques that allow them to work with other health professionals-nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists and others-to provide continuity of care across the care continuum. Reimbursement also has been a barrier.

That is why the American Academy of Home Care Medicine has been serving the needs of thousands of physicians and related professionals and agencies interested in improving care of patients in the home.

Treatment Diaries – – keep an online diary of your caregiving experience as a way to cope; share your diary or keep it private; read other diaries from people going through similar circumstances to yours to find support, tips, ways to cope.

The Coffee Klatch – – online talk radio providing interviews with the most respected world renowned experts in many fields dealing with children with special needs; created for parents of children with special needs to find accurate information and resources so that they can make better and more informed decisions about the care of their children.

Ben’s Friends – –  network of patient communities that support and provide information on rare diseases.  Its “mission is to ensure that everyone in the world with a rare disease has a safe place to go and connect with others like them.”

Caregiver Action Network Forum – – “a place for family caregivers to post questions and to seek advice” on any topic related to caregiving.  CAN has lots of additional information as well as a forum for caregivers, so explore the website.

The Caregiver Space – – a free social network that provides all family caregivers with resources, support and a chance to connect with each other in order to reduce stress, isolation and exhaustion so that they may better cope with the demands of their caregiving journey. – offers a wealth of information & support for family caregivers through instructional webinars (on coping, stress reduction, and many other pertinent topics), coaching, books, personal blogs, forum and insightful posts that help and guide family caregivers.

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