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Built on the principles of John C. Theus, Theus, Grisham, Davis and Leigh, L.L.C. has consistently and professionally served the legal needs of Northeast Louisiana and its residents.

1893   John C. Theus admitted to bar
  Orin M. Grisham admitted to bar
  John C. Theus relocates and begins practicing in Monroe
  Stubbs, Theus, Grisham & Thompson is formed
  Stubbs, Theus, Grisham & Thompson is dissolved.
  Theus, Grisham & Davis is formed; John C. Theus, Jr. and R.L. Davis become members of the firm
  Thomas Leigh joins Theus, Grisham & Davis as an associate
  Thomas Leigh becomes a member of the firm and the Firm name is changed to Theus, Grisham, Davis & Leigh
  Edwin K. Theus joins Theus, Grisham, Davis & Leigh
  Ronald L. Davis, Jr. joins the firm
  William Denis Brown becomes a partner; the firm's name is changed to Theus, Grisham, Davis, Leigh & Brown.
  Wiliam Brown is elected to the state Senate and leaves the firm. The firm name is changed back to Theus, Grisham, Davis & Leigh.
  William Brown returns to the firm briefly on Jan.1, 1985 and the firm name again becomes Theus, Grisham, Davis, Leigh & Brown. His stay is brief and on May 31, 1985 he leaves the firm. The name returns to Theus, Grisham, Davis & Leigh.
  Firm moves to location on Lamy Lane
  Firm moves to its present location on Mercedes Drive

From its inception in 1906 when John C. Theus relocated to Monroe to practice law, the firm now known as Theus, Grisham, Davis & Leigh has occupied various buildings in the city of Monroe. We started out in1906 in the Bernhardt Building and stayed there until1957. Then we moved to South Grand Street and stayed there until 1975. At that time, our company had expanded and we required more space. We relocated to Bancroft Circle and stayed there until 1985. With the addition of both partners and staff, Theus, Grisham Davis, and Leigh needed a larger office, and we decided to build a new office on Lamy Lane. We had a brief stay in temporary quarters in the Louisiana Bank Building while construction was completed. We sold the Lamy Lane office in 2011 and moved into our present location at 3139 Mercedes Drive on June 1, 2011.